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Training Officers, Support Staff and Assistants come from a varied field of experience and expertise,


from School Teachers to Engineer's to Retirees.


All staff bring something different to the table enabling vast wealth of training which is second to none.


This creates a unique range, depth and varied training package for the Air Cadets.




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Eastern Area Leadership Training Officers

Officer Commanding - E.A.L.T. ( Eastern Area Leadership Training )

HQ AC - RAF Cranwell

Flt Lt D Masters

Flt Lt Dave MASTERS has been with the Air Cadet Organization since 1995 when he became a Section Officer and then Section Commander at Dover Grammer School CCF. Prior to adult volunteer service he was a cadet from the age of 12 1/2 and attained the rank of Cadet Under Officer with the Royal Navy Section of the CCF.

At the very start of his service he identified a need for streamlining and formalizing cadet leadership and NCO training, so initiated and commanded the South East Area NCO CADREs. The course accepted candidates from the broarder cadet community and still to this day the 7-day course takes place twice a year for cadets from across the South East of the UK. he recognizes the immense value and openly encourages inter-organisation between all facets of the Cadet movment, not just between the CCF and ATC.

Flt Lt MASTERS has been and continues to be an active Flight Commander with the coveted Air Cadet Leadership Course now held at RAF College Cranwell.

In 2011 Flt Lt MASTERS moved to Lincolnshire, posted to headquarters Air Cadets as an Area Leadership Training Officer and took command of the Eastern Area Leadership Training Course modules, wher he intends to build upon the superb work of his predecessors.


Senior Officer - Instructor

Ratcliffe College CCF RAF Section OC

Flt Lt T J Burton RAF VR(T)

FLt Lt Burton has extensive experience in the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO), Cadet Warrent Officer (CWO, Civilian Instructor for four years with 1279 Sqn Air Training Corp Melton Mowbray.

As Section Commander for Ratcliffe College he is responsible for keeping the section running such as planning the training program, BARDER administration, recruiting, recruit training for the RAF Cadets, section visits, camps, uniform allocation, RAF HQ maintenance, leadership training, equipment, Flying, Gliding, Public Parades and is also a leading instructor for the Eastern Area Leadership Training course's ( E.A.L.T ).

Flt Lt Burton is also a Committee Member and Representative Deligate for RAFA ( Royal Air Force's Association ) Melton Mowbray, keeping close ties representing the ACO and RAF with not only the general public but also the Royal Air Force via the RAFLO ( Royal Air Force Liaison Officer ).Also carring out public duties such as Parade Marshal for the Battle of Britain Parade in Melton Mowbray



Senior Officer - Instructor

Trent College Contingent Comander

Sqd Ldr Justin Rimmington

Sqn Ldr J Rimmington took commission in 2004 as a Section Officer. In early 2005 she took over as OC RAF Section and was promoted to Flt Lt. In Sept 2009 became Contingent Commander and was promoted to Sqn Ldr.

DS on her first ACLC in 2006 and has carried out 1 or 2 weeks training per year since then. Senior Training Officer involved in EALT since it started in 2010 and have been DS on the Easter Cadet Leadership Courses at Nesscliffe Training Camp.

In addition to UK summer camps, Sqn Ldr Rimmington has attended Rheindahlen camp in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (as Camp Commandant for the last two years), Camp Commandant for Ramstein Camp in 2012, judged the Command Tasks at the East Area Ground Training Competition and ADS at Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre on the adult Cadet Forces Skill at Arms Instructor Course.

I am qualified to teach and assess cadets First Aid up to and including the St John Ambulance Activity First Aid course. I am qualified to teach weapons and sailing. I am a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Supervisor, and am a qualified Walking Group Leader.

Leadership Courses are extreamly benificial, as I believe that is where it is possible to see the greatest and longest lasting benefit to the cadets.


Senior Officer - Instructor

Loughbrough Grammer School CCF RAF Section OC

Flt Lt Sarra Jenkins RAF VR(T)

Flt Lt Sarra Jenkins RAF VR(T)



Senior Officer - Instructor

Loughbrough Grammer School CCF RAF Section OC

Flt Lt Ben Hayton RAF VR(T)

Flt Lt Ben Hayton RAF VR(T)



Senior Officer - Instructor


Flt Lt Karen MaKintosh RAF VR(T)

Flt Lt Karen MaKintosh RAF VR(T




Eastern Area Leadership Training Support Staff

2229 ATC Loughborough Sqn

WO1 Denis Nelson (Rtd)

WO1 Denis Nelson (Rtd)